How to Enter

Check out the availability of the eliminators and also which semi-final each eliminator will deliver you into should you winstrol online qualify. Each eliminator has a letter next to it (A, B or C) and these match with each semi-final.

  • Click the enter now button next to a venue, you will be taken to Catch, an app based Marketplace that is revolutionising the way we book onto lakes and now onto competitions.
  • Simply register on Catch, choose your venue, pay the deposit and you will be entered into BCAC 2024.
  • Final payments are due around 8 weeks before qualifiers fall, we try and time it so we are not requesting a final payment until late January, to avoid the madness of Xmas.
  • You will then get a confirmation of entry sent to you by e mail.


If you fancy a crack at the team event you need to get 3 pairs, register them as a team, and you will collect points towards your team scores in the eliminators and semi finals that you fish. Team registration costs £150 per team and gives your company/organisation extra profile in the BCAC. The winners of the Team event get free Team Registration in the following years event.