Baden Hall (B)

Eliminator - 19/04/2024

Baden Hall

Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 18 acres
  • Type of Lake Specimen Fishery
  • Biggest Fish 52lb 8oz
  • Telephone 01785 850313
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Venue Rules Baden Hall



The Lake is a mature gravel pit at around 18 acres, currently holding 18 single pegs, and each has its own individual large fishing cabin.

These cabins will take the largest of beds and all of your tackle with plenty of room to spare. An unhooking mat, landing net, water bucket and weigh sling are supplied with each cabin and we ask anglers not to bring their own to reduce the risk of disease.

The Quarry holds big carp to over 40lb with a New Staffordshire record common of 49lb 05oz , and also a lake record mirror of 48lb 04oz. We expect both these fish to be over 50lb in 2017. There are at least 5 other fish over 40lb, and 15 plus fish in excess of 35lb plus. There are at least another 30 or more fish between 30lb-35lb, and more new 30lb fish each year. The average weight in 2016 was just over 30lb!

For all 3 specimen waters a café food delivery service is available for breakfasts, lunches, and evening meals straight to your swim.

Competitor List

Rank Competitors Weight No. of Fish Peg Number
1 Tom Price & Danny Parton
2 Paul Deacon & Ricky Pugh
3 Paul Prescott & Mark Watkins
4 Eddie Mckenna & Mick Williams
5 Anthony Vaughan & Thomas Derome
6 Andy Stephenson & Luke Quantock
7 Simon Wheeler & Mark Sawyer
8 Alex Woodcock & Rhys Williams
9 Scott Powell & Mark Walker
10 Michael Lawrence & Simon Evans
11 John Bowman & Ben Moore
12 Michael Murphy & Alexandru Mazilu