Naseby Reservoir (A)

Eliminator - 19/04/2024

Naseby Reservoir

Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 81 Acres
  • Type of Lake Mainly Carp
  • Fish Stock Thousands
  • Biggest Fish 30lb +
  • Features Various
  • Telephone 07784 032517
  • Visit Venue Website

At 93 acres in area when full, Naseby is one of the CRT’s largest reservoirs.

Naseby Reservoir was built to supply water to the Grand Union Canal Leicester line. Its feeder stream supplies water to the Welford Arm in Welford village, some two miles away from Naseby.

Naseby is well stocked with the Fishers Pond strain carp with a handful going over the magical 40lb mark, with a typical-sized fish being in the range of 18lb to 30lb. There’s also a huge head of roach, which are often shoaled up on the dam wall.

When the water is high after a wet winter, the dam wall platforms are your best bet for accessible pegs and these are often hotspots for winter pike fishing. Naseby has produced pike to over 30lb in the past. In the summer and autumn, the water levels drop and you can fish from the reservoir bed, which is mostly made of gravel.

The Dam wall pegs are currently being refurbished with bivvy board style swims suitable for one man bivvies only. When booking these swims, please be aware that to secure your bivvy, you will need screw in platform pegs such as the Fox Platform S pegs. Stage stands and pods only, as you will not be able to secure your bank sticks in the wooden platform. Normal screws are not allowed. No waders to be worn at anytime on the dam wall swims for safety reasons.

Competitor List

Rank Competitors Weight No. of Fish Peg Number
1 Robert Burgess & Karl Palmer
(Mainline Baits)
119lb 9oz 6 4
2 Tom Cuthbertson & Danny Marshall 79lb 5oz 4 9
3 Ste Alford & Dean Crust 50lb 4oz 2 6
4 Charlie Harvey & Robert Lapham 41lb 4oz 2 11
5 Colin Scott & Andy Mundy (Free Spirit) 21lb 5oz 1 10
6 Kevin Cook & Adrian Cook 19lb 9oz 1 12
7 Christian Hughes & Connor Tideswell 16lb 11oz 1 8
8 Peter Bott & Shaun Major 2
9 Dan Moorcroft & Mick Ledger 7
10 Dave Cronin & Jack Berry 1
11 Eleanor Mitchell & Catherine Robertson 5
12 Dean Evans & Adrian Wales 3