In the past

For the last 24 years the BCAC has been a major part of the UK Competition Calendar and in that time the event has helped make the angling careers of many well known names whilst at the same time providing an excellent launch pad for those who have now become household names (well at least in the world of Carp Fishing)!

We are very proud of our event and equally pleased that over the past 24 years we have such a great deal of history and stories behind us.

Click on a link below to take you to the website for that year, see all the results and research venue results for future competitions you may be in.

BCAC 2017
BCAC 2018
BCAC 2019

BCAC 2020 was cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

BCAC 2021
BCAC 2022
BCAC 2023

Or you can watch the Finals! Just follow the links: –

BCAC Final 2016
BCAC Final 2017
BCAC Final 2018
BCAC Final 2019
BCAC Final 2022