Billys Lake Norton Disney (C)

Eliminator - 12/04/2024

Billys Lake Norton Disney

Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 27
  • Type of Lake Day Ticket
  • Fish Stock 1118 Carp, lake record 36lb
  • Biggest Fish 36lb
  • Features numerous
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Venue Rules Billys Lake



At 27 acres in size, Billy’s is the largest lake on the complex, and is designed to be a real ‘action’ water where hits of multiple fish are the norm.

Billy’s was initially stocked with over 900 stunning carp up to 30lb+ but it has since received another 200+ fish, bringing the total stock up to over 1100 fish!

the lakebed is very up and down so there’s plenty of features to fish to. Therefore, taking a bit of time to find them and apply a decent amount of bait to one of these areas is sure to give anglers the best chance of a hit of fish.

The water is usually very clear, making for an extremely rich environment. There is plenty of weed in the lake during the summer and early autumn so be mindful of that. This does mean the carp are incredibly dark in colour, often as black as the proverbial hat!

Competitor List

Rank Competitors Weight No. of Fish Peg Number
1 Oscar Thornton & Martin Noble
2 Neil Rivers & Danny Fuller
3 Brad Norton & Steven Thraves
4 Jim Thomas & Dave Jones
5 Danny Uden & Adrian Tallon
6 Nick Bourdon & TBC
7 David Smith & Liam Smith
8 Chris North & Damian Mair
9 Andrew Grant & Gavin Grant
10 Max Hubbard & Jon Hubbard
11 Richard Edmunds & Richard Cartmell
(Free Spirit)
12 Charlie Stone & TBC
13 Scott Hackett & Matthew Walsh
14 Kevin Cox & Jason Cox
15 Andy Holdaway & Mark Harmon
16 Kieran Joseph & Dale Hatt