Team Event


The team event is open to manufacturers, shops, bait companies, clubs and runs concurrently with the British Carp Angling Championships main event. Three pairs register as a team, and as well as fishing for themselves, they score points towards their team scores. The winners are the team with the most points at the end of the last semi final. Not only do you win the title and the trophies but the 2020 team champions also get free Team Registration into the following years competition.

Current champions are TeamĀ Mainline Baits !


Eliminator Venue Captain Vice Captain
B / BRASENOSE 2 Damien Watts Matthew Whittington
D / DARTFORD LAKES - BROOKLANDS Chloe Dodson-Shanks Arron Bell
C / ORCHARD PLACE FARM Paul Gordon Vernon Kearl
Eliminator Venue Captain Vice Captain
D / MERRINGTON Barry Swift Jamie Farr
B / BRASENOSE 2 Becky Sharman Shaun Sharman
C / DARENTH BIG LAKE Billy Dummer Ricky Dummer
Eliminator Venue Captain Vice Captain
C / ORCHARD PLACE FARM Rob Greening Brad Greening
A / KINGSBURY PINE POOL Wayne Mansford Ryan Need
B / BRASENOSE 2 Billy Flowers Jamie Londers

Royal Air Force

The RAF Carp Angling is the fastest growing section within RAF Angling. With over 100 members dedicated to the pursuit of large carp, whilst raising the profile of RAF Angling in the process. Founded in 2005.
Eliminator Venue Captain Vice Captain
D / BADEN HALL Matt Whittaker Martin Emery
A / WILLOW PARK Matt Hunt Rich Cooke
A / ALBANS LAKES - WILLOWS Reg Verney Glenn Beardsall

New Tackle Tarts

Passionate carp anglers with a joint experience of over 100 years. Born to fish, forced to work!
Eliminator Venue Captain Vice Captain
B / BRASENOSE 2 Radu Mihai Mitrea Corneliu Paul Agapie
B / BRASENOSE 2 Cosmin Truta Ionut Stamate
A / ALBANS LAKES - WILLOWS Marius Bejan Constantin Senchia