Eliminator - 26/06/2020


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 70 acres
  • Type of Lake Day Ticket
  • Fish Stock 500+ with ongoing stocking
  • Biggest Fish 30lb+
  • Telephone 07985410020
  • Visit Venue Website

CMCSFISHERIES took on this venue in march 2019 and have very quickly transformed the venue from a working pit to somewhere many anglers enjoy on the weekend. The introduction of special stock fish in the form of 300 scaley mirrors from the CMCS fish farm, coupled with a feed programme has really made the fishing more prolific with a lovely mix of commons,mirrors,fullies and linear scaled carp present which are growing rapidly. Many anglers have enjoyed multiple captures in short sessions with a high percentage of these coming over big beds of bait. The year round clear blue water really gives the angler a great glimpse of the quality fish this venue has to offer. It will fast become a popular venue for competitions and matches with the action being fast and prolific at times, also fishing well in the colder temperatures when many other lakes shutdown.

Competitor List

Paul Gordon & Vernon Kearl
Tristan Parsons & Matt Lower
Tony Cooper & Liam Cooper