Eliminator - 27/03/2020


Fishery Focus

Brooklands is DDAPs’ day ticket water and is situated near Dartford town centre. Tickets can be purchased on the bank from one of our helpful bailiffs.

The complex has been under DDAPS control since the early 1930s and was one of the early pioneering waters of modern carp fishing. Carp have been there from the early days!

For those who have not visited this approximately 17 acre gravel pit complex for a while there have been some dramatic changes to the landscape. Many previously inaccessible places can now be fished in reasonable comfort via rebuilt pathways.

Competitor List

Chloe Dodson-Shanks & Arron Bell (BAIT BUCKET 1)
Leigh Saunders & Mark Gregory
Dave Light & Dan Bemister
Richard Poole & Anthony Fox
Jack Lamb & Brian Byford
Joe Barwell & Benny Davidson
Dom Cole & Jack Henderson
Daniel Tucker & Ian Cody
Ian Smith & Rob Goodhew
Dan Moorcroft & Mick Ledger