Eliminator - 18/05/2018


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 17.5acre
  • Type of Lake Season Ticket
  • Biggest Fish 41lb+
  • Features islands both large and small, sunken barges, plateaus, gravel bars, and weed beds.
  • Telephone 07931 255 897
  • Number of Pairs 12
  • Pairs to Qualify 3
  • Ticket Price £430
  • Visit Venue Website

Thorney Weir is available to fish as part of the Thorney Weir-The Mets syndicate membership or on a day ticket basis. A beautiful lake of 17.5 acres lined with mature trees and offering a great many features to fish to, including islands both large and small, sunken barges, plateaus, gravel bars, and weed beds.

Upon entering the venue you drive along the track parallel to the area named The Channel where the carp, tench, and bream may often be found and many good fish are banked. Continuing along the track you will pass the next group of swims known collectively as the Road Bank. These swims give you a good view of the main section of the lake.

Arriving at the car park you proceed on foot to the River Bank, and before you arrive at the first swim there, the Pill Box, be sure to sneak a look among the snags for any whackers! It is advised you take the time to have a good look around the lake before settling on a swim as the fish will often show themselves. Casting to the middle of the lake is a tactic that regularly produce takes, though keep a keen eye on the margins and corners if you are stealthy.
Thorney Weir offers many more features among them some lovely bays and back areas for the specialist stalker and float fisher.

Competitor List

Nathan Crowder & Lee Bruce (DNA Baits 2)
Liam Hodges & Dan Vallis
Ed McDermott & Chris Thompson
Ryan Evans & Perry Osborn
Kev Atkinson & Ben Low
Lee Scott & Scott Payen
Neil Richards & Matthew Smith
Dan Woodstock & Alex Brown
Bradley Sears & Stuart Harbour
Daniel Akerman & Eddy Avis
Simon Buckman & Gareth Evans
Ashley Bennett & Dean Robinson