Semi - 07/07/2017


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 34 acres
  • Type of Lake Day Ticket
  • Fish Stock huge head of fish, estimated to be 10-15 30lb+ fish in the waters
  • Biggest Fish 40lb 12oz
  • Features numerous
  • Telephone 07885 327708
  • Visit Venue Website

Linear began the carp stocking of this water in 2005 and with the latest stocking from our own ponds we now estimate the carp stock to be over 1,800 fish. A high percentage of the fish stocked have been commons, fully scaled and linear scaled all of which are maturing rapidly and already Brasenose Two is starting to rival its sister lake Brasenose One as a runs-water. In recent years many more anglers began to enjoy some remarkable multiple captures and a high percentage of these fish included twenties.

Records now stand at 40.12lb for a mirror, 27lb for a common and 26.08llb for a ghost carp.


Competitor List

Ryan Gardner & Andy Knights
Kevin Clarke & Steven Sherwood
Rob Burgess & Mark Cavaciuti
Paul Gordon & Vernon Kearl
Damien Watts & George Eade
Tom Duncan Dunlop & Michael Mack
Andy Goodall & Dan Holiday
Mark Johnson & Kevin Reynolds
Michael Williams & Eddie McKenna
Jason Verney & Glenn Beardsall
Mark Renwick & Ben Hawes
Simon Wheeler & Mark Sawyer
Liam Hodges & Dan Vallis