Eliminator - 23/03/2018


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 26acre
  • Type of Lake Day Tickets
  • Fish Stock 1,600+
  • Biggest Fish 52lb 14oz
  • Number of Pairs 12
  • Pairs to Qualify 3
  • Ticket Price £430
  • Visit Venue Website

One of Linear\’s gems – never underestimate this stunning carp lake
The 26 acre Oxlease Lake is situated off the B4449 as you approach the main ticket complex from Oxford just beyond the West Oxfordshire Sailing Club Lake; it is well sign-posted.

Linear believes that with the stocking they have carried out the water now holds over 1,600 carp. We believe that there are now at least sixty, probably more, different 30 pound fish present along with a healthy number of twenties and doubles. The new lake record for a mirror carp is 44.04 and for a common it is 52.14. Oxlease could potentially have more thirties and forties present than St. Johns and Manor combined in a few years time!

Competitor List

Callum Gutteridge & Karl Palmer (DNA Baits 1)
Jack Lamb & Brian Byford
Chris Purssey & Martin Reeves (Hobo Armour)
Jon Neave & Warren Summers
Leigh Booth & Roy Devorty
James Begley & Ricky Moody
Stuart Sturton & Mark Russell
Antony Rackham & Jamie Cundill
Ben Lapham & Charlie Harvey
Josh Bennett & Martin Bennett
Lee Walker & Caroline Medd
Ryan Mullins & Daniel Trowbridge