Eliminator - 15/06/2018


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 22 acres
  • Type of Lake Day Ticket
  • Fish Stock 7000+
  • Biggest Fish 30lb+
  • Features various
  • Telephone 01727 822106
  • Number of Pairs 12
  • Ticket Price £430
  • Visit Venue Website

The lake is approximately 22 acres in size with depths ranging between 3ft and 12ft. willows is the carp runs water of the venue with a stock of 7,000 plus carp between 3lb and 30lb plus with an average size of around 12lb. there are many features on this lake including an island, margins, gravel bars, silt spots and deep channels. The lake has been known to do big weights of carp over 48hr sessions of up to 700lb plus.

Competitor List

Andrew Collier & Harry Pardoe (Nash)
Will O flynn & Mark Johnson
Zachary Harris & Richard Denison
Chris Simmons & David Black
Jamie Standbridge & Adam Biddulph
Colin Mockford & Jack Thomson
Mark McGhee & Ryan Ward
Ryan Bettell & Rob Snowdon
Jack Lamb & Brian Byford
Ashley Izzard & Tony Reynolds
Ed McDermott & Chris Thompson