Eliminator - 05/04/2019


Fishery Focus

  • Size of Lake 10 acres
  • Type of Lake Day Ticket
  • Fish Stock 350+
  • Biggest Fish 34lb +
  • Features various
  • Telephone 01252325867
  • Visit Venue Website

Our 10 acre Big Lake is home to a good head of common and mirror carp up to 34lb with plenty of 20lb+ fish cruising around. This makes it a popular venue with carpers all year round.
Depths vary from 4 – 8ft, including gravel bars.

It is fast becoming a popular choice for matches with  recent competitions here proving very tight with plenty of fish being caught.

Competitor List

Damien Watts & George Eade (Bait Bucket)
Luke Doswell & Tom Brown (Mainline RAF)
Steve Sexton & Alan King
Jon Neave & Ian Spraggs
Jason Gutteridge & Terry Donaldson
Matthew Smith & Neil Richards
Dave Hellard & James Anderson
Rikki Hopper & Colin Walker
Martin Free & Matt Dorrian
Kevin Clarke & Steve Sherwood
Ben Patten & Michael Chapman
Jason Markham & Kerry Pickering

Post Match Report